Hilarious “Metal Albums With Googly Eyes” Tumblr Will Melt The Coldest Headbanger Heart

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A few weeks back we brought you a Tumblr that specialized in making classic album covers out of Lego blocks. Well today things get even better, because your favorite heavy metal album covers are about to get a googly-eye makeover!

Metal Albums With Googly Eyes is exactly what it sounds like: An intrepid rock fan/internet genius stuck oversized eye stickers over the faces on hardcore metal sleeves. Even in its simplicity, the results are hilarious. From bands like¬†Judas Priest to Molly Hatchet, Iron Maiden and even one or two we’ve never come anywhere close to hearing about, the cuts are deep and always very funny. We guarantee that these altered covers will bring a smile to even the hardest hearted headbanger.

Head up to the gallery above for a taste, and be sure to check out their official Tumblr for more!

[Photo: Metal Albums With Googly Eyes]

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