What Are The Top 5 Anthrax Songs of All Time?

Everyone knows by now that VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show, the only show on television about all things hard rock and heavy metal, has returned to its birthplace in New York City. It’s fitting then that this week in The TMS Top 5 the boys paid tribute to one of the Big Apple’s greatest metal bands, Anthrax. One of thrash metal’s “Big 4,” these Queens natives were on the frontlines as the movement moved from tape trader circles into the mainstream and were never afraid to mix genres, collabing with groundbreaking hip hop group Public Enemy on a cover of their song “Bring The Noise.” You can see the final list of The TMS Top 5 Anthrax Songs below and check out the boys favorite Anthrax songs on the following pages and vote for your favorites in our poll.

The TMS Top 5 Anthrax Songs

1. “Indians”
2. “Caught In A Mosh”
3. “In The End”
4. “Only”
5. “I Am The Law”

Eddie Trunk

1. “A.I.R.”
2. “Armed & Dangerous”
3. “In The End”
4. “I Am The Law”
5. “Safe Home”

Jim Florentine
1. “Caught In A Mosh”
2. “I Am The Law”
3. “Mad House”
4. “The Devil You Know”
5. “Only”

Don Jamieson
1. “Indians”
2. “Only”
3. “In The End”
4. “Black Lodge”
5. “Caught In A Mosh”

Miss Box Of Junk Jennifer Gottlieb updates The TMS Top 5 Anthrax Songs

What Are The Top 5 Anthrax Songs?