What’s Your Number: The Story Behind The Digits In Famous Band Names

  • Blink-182

  • 36_Mafia

  • Matchbox Twenty

  • 30 Seconds To Mars

  • sum_41

  • Nine Inch Nails

  • KRS-1

  • Eve 6

  • 3-doors-down

  • d12

  • 10000 Maniacs

  • 10cc

  • L7

  • Ben Folds Five

  • 311

  • Three Dog Night

  • Eiffel 65

  • Finger 11

  • UB40

  • Ten Years After

We’ve all been there: You’re chilling out, listening to your favorite Sum-41, matchbox twenty, or blink-182 album (Enema of the State is a personal favorite)  but the whole time you’re thinking “Damn, why does this band name look just like a ’90s AIM handle?” It happens to us all the time. Rock is filled with groups that have puzzling digits in their names. But what do they MEAN!? Why wasn’t it 31 Seconds to Mars, or Ten Inch Nails!? Well we at VH1 got on the case and have finally gotten the real story behind these mysterious monikers.

The phenomenon crosses all genres, from Academy Award  hip hop artists Three 6 Mafia, to classic Europop like Eiffel 65 (yes, the “Blue” people) and 10cc. For years we’ve wondered about the meaning behind these numeric names, and the results will surprise you, amuse you and in some cases crack you up. Which group is named for the number of times Al Pacino says “f–k” in Scarface, the police code for indecent exposure, or an eyeball-munching X-Files character? Head up to the gallery above to find out!

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