Is Lana Del Rey About To Join The Ranks Of These 20 Stars Who Married In Secret?

Rumors have been buzzing these past few days about Lana Del Rey getting secretly engaged to her rocker boyfriend Barrie-James O’Neill. In fact, there were even reports that O’Neill has quit his UK-based band Kassidy in order to move to America and live with Lana full time. Spokespeople for the couple deny the story, but now these photos of Lana with some new finger bling are adding fuel to the flames!

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The sultry singer was spotted out in LA yesterday gripping a Starbucks cup with a tastefully-sized ring on her finger…the same finger where wedding rings usually go. And of course, there’s that wonderful grin lighting up her face in a way that seems to tell the world that YOU’RE IN LOVE! Or maybe she just really likes caramel macchiatos. Take your pick.

Some claim they first spotted the ring last July when the couple (who’ve been dating since 2011), were the pair were house hunting in the Hollywood hills together. An insider revealed to the Daily Mail that Lana accepted Barrie-James’ proposal just a few days before June 21st, her 27th birthday. However, other sources insist that it simply isn’t true, and Lana has had the jewelry for years. Womp womp.

Sometimes a ring is just a ring…or is it? We’re not sure, but there’s definitely a possibility that Lana is headed down the aisle in the very near future! We can see her going the way of these 20 other celebrities who kept their big day private. Head up to the gallery above for more!

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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