Girlz With Grillz: Famous Women Who Bling Out Their Smiles

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It’s grills gone wild in Hollywood these days! We thought it was over back in ’06, but lately the teeth bling thing has been making a comeback in a huge way. Madonna’s metal mouth’d grin at the 2014 Grammys last weekend reminded us that grills (or “grillz,” to be more precise) can go well and also go wrong…very very badly wrong. And we’ve got plenty examples of both!

We can’t think of a more badass fashion statement than going with metal for your fangs. Even Queen Beyonce upped her (Sasha) fierce game by donning decorated dentures for her “Bow Down” video. Rihanna is no stranger to the dressing up her pearly whites with diamonds that shine bright like a….well, diamond! From Lady Gaga to Ke$ha and all the craziness in between, grillz are big, grillz are bad, and grillz aren’t just for hot dogs and hamburgers anymore.

Head up to the gallery above for more girlz with grillz!

[Photo: Splash News Online/Columbia/Getty Images]

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