Pete Wentz And Hayley Williams Talk a Little Smack About Their Bandmates

Ahead of Paramore and Fall Out Boy’s summer tour, Hayley Williams and Pete Wentz play a little game of “Who is most likely to…” The musicians were put to the test when VH1 challenged them to answer questions related to eating craft services, quitting music to live on a farm, starting a Twitter feud, or getting left behind on a tour stop. Apparently the last one has happened a few times. Has either band ever heard of the buddy system?!

If you can’t wait until summer to get a little taste of their double-trouble tour, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! Hayley made a surprise appearance at F.O.B.’s Super Bowl Blitz set a few weeks back, teaming up for an awesome version of “Sugar, We’re Going Down.” Give a listen in the clip below!

And BTWs, tickets for The Monumentour are on sale now.