From The College Dropout To Miley’s VMA Performance: The Most Iconic Bears In Music

Ten years ago, Kanye West debuted his iconic mascot, The College Dropout bear. The animal became the look and image of Kanye’s first three albums before the rapper moved onto different iconography. But the mascot is not the only popular furry mammal in music. There are a number of artists that have utilized the animal in music videos and performances. Miley Cyrus famously usurped the stuffed creature for her live performance of “We Can’t Stop” at the MTV Video Music Awards and then there are those bearish bands, Grizzly Bear and Teddybears, who have become famous in their own right.

Kanye’s Mascot

The mascot made his first appearance on the cover of The College Dropout and then followed it up with covers for Late Registration and Graduation. With Kanye’s college motif complete, so was the bear’s time as Kanye’s mascot. He made his final appearance in the video for “Good Morning” directed by Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami before the rapper left the mascot behind like a hazy memory of a drunken college party.

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