Last Lap: Did Lady Gaga Secretly Film A Video With Her Favorite Reality Stars?

Who’s slated to rock the house on Seth Meyers’ Late Night show? Madonna reveals one of her pet peeves when working out, and Bastille becomes the latest Artist To Watch.

  • According to a report, Lady Gaga tapped the ladies from Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills for her latest music video. And it sounds like they tried to do it on the down low. As fabulous as those ladies are, did they really think they could keep their adoring fans from finding out? [Idolator]
  • As Seth Meyers becomes the host of NBC’s Late Night show, he’ll need some amazing musical guests to kick off his first week. John Mayer and Kanye West are among the artists chosen to usher in the new era on Late Night. [Rolling Stone]
  • Madonna may be full of energy after 30 years in the business, but there’s one thing that could kill her exercise routine. Madge admitted that she doesn’t like to listen to her own tunes when working out, making us feel like listening to “Vogue” on the treadmill is just for us common folk. [People]
  • Fans of Bastille already realize how awesome the band is, and now they’re set to gain a bunch of new followers. MTV has tapped the British band for their Artist To Watch series and we can imagine that Bastille will be seeing its fanbase rise. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]