Last Lap: Why Is Katy Perry Turning Into Cleopatra?

Kelis sings from the heart, Snoop Dogg wants to hear about your love life, and Mariah Carey’s little ones are already memorizing her songs.

  • Katy Perry gave us a tease of her video for “Dark Horse,” with the singer morphing into Cleopatra, er, Katypatra. But remember kids, no one actually wore studded grills in ancient Egypt. [Us Magazine]
  • Kelis is gearing up for a comeback and she’s just released an emotional new ballad. We can’t believe we’ve never paid attention to this side of her before! [Idolator]
  • Just ahead of Valentine’s Day, Snoop Dogg is asking Reddit users for their romance stories. And Snoop doesn’t limit the tales of love to users’ significant others. If you love to smoke up, he’s down to hear about that, too! [Rolling Stone]
  • Who knew that Mariah Carey’s twins already know the words to her new single? Apparently, they love to sing along to “You’re Mine (Eternal).” Could those famous vocal pipes actually run in the family? [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Columbia Records]