Mimi’s OTHER Twins: A Complete Timeline Of Mariah Carey’s Cleavage

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Although Moroccan and Monroe are Mariah Carey’s pride and joy they are not the first twins that have brought joy to her life. Her other twins have made headlines this past week after images of her 2014 BET Honors performance made the rounds. It was quite clear that Mariah was still proud of her fist set of twins: her boobs!

In a very revealing black Jessica Rabbit-like dress, Mariah and her boobs were perched atop a baby grand piano belting out her new single, “You’re Mine.” After this performance, it’s quite clear that Mariah has the lung capacity to sing the way that she can sing and can totally see why Nick Cannon married Mariah back in 2008.

Even though everyone is surprised at the amount of cleavage Mariah shared with the viewing public, this is not the first time that she’s been (*ahem*) on display. When Mimi first came onto the music scene, her boobs were tamed and conservative. But as her success and popularity rose, her neckline plummeted and her cha-chas made their debut. In true VH1 fashion we took it upon ourselves to gather, just for you, a photo gallery of the emancipation of Mimi’s buzzongas. Hope you enjoy!

[Photo: Getty Images]