Gavin DeGraw Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of His “Make A Move” Music Video

Gavin DeGraw is back like you’ve never seen before. The sweet and soulful singer-songwriter is going full-on bad boy in the music video for his new song, “Make A Move.” How bad? Well, by the looks of this exclusive sneak peak from behind the scenes of the music video, it looks like DeGraw will be on the run from the cops, taking a cute waitress hostage, seducing her on the lam, getting involved in some seriously epic car chases and getting down and dirty with his bad self.

“I think what we wanted to do with Gavin today was just something different that he hadn’t done before,” said the video’s director. “You know, play someone he’s not…just this kind of guy who’s wandering…this lost soul.”

DeGraw seemed to enjoy the transformation. As you can see in the clip above, he’s all smiles and jokes. And why wouldn’t he be? He gets to cozy up to a beautiful woman.

DeGraw has been keeping busy since releasing his fifth studio album, Make A Move, last fall. In addition to moonlighting as a con on the run in music videos, he also headlined the final night of VH1’s Super Bowl Blitz.