WATCH: Beyonce Gives Diva-Tastic Debut Performance Of “XO” At 2014 BRIT Awards

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Queen Beyonce channeled her inner Marilyn Monroe at the 2014 BRIT Awards yesterday, where she took to the stage in a stunning dark-blue outfitto deliver the live debut of her anthemic single, “XO.” The 32-year-old kept her supporters close to her heart as she launched into the performance, saying  “I’d like to dedicate this song to my incredible fans. I love y’all.”

Bey’s BRIT set (her first in over a decade) was predictably amazing, but many can’t stop talking about her dazzling dress! The form-fitting Vrettos Vrettakos gown was given extra sparkle with the addition of a whopping 140,000 blue zircon crystals! But she wasn’t the only star vying for the fashion crown yesterday. Katy Perry took her Katy-Patra personal to the stage with a performance of her new single, “Dark Horse,” and Jessie J pushed the envelope with a skin-tight sequined body suit.

Lorde proved that Mrs. Carter wasn’t the ONLY Queen Bee in attendance with her edgy black style that’s become her trademark, and Nicole Scherzinger switched it up with a pair of equally hot styles. Check out the good, the bad, and the sexy in the gallery above!

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