First Dibs: Are Justin Bieber’s Legal Troubles Getting Worse?

Beyonce’s tunes just got that much more catchy, Tommy Lee is about to get hitched, and Lo-Fang wants to leverage his time with his superstar tourmate.

  • According to a report, Justin Bieber may be headed for a trial in his Miami Beach DUI case. Apparently, prosecutors aren’t interested in Justin just copping a plea — they want to take the Biebs down! [TMZ]
  • Because you already go around quoting Beyonce lyrics, the singer’s Soundboardt is just what you’ve been asking for. The interactive page lets you listen to Bey’s catchphrases on repeat, mostly so you’ll end up feeling like the queen herself. [Huffington Post]
  • Motley Crue may be ending their reign, but Tommy Lee has a new partnership on the horizon. The rock drummer has gotten engaged to girlfriend Sofia Toufa, making this the fourth time he’ll be heading down the aisle. [People]
  • Electro-pop musician Lo-Fang is heading out on tour with Lorde. So what does he hope to gain from the experience? [MTV News]