Snoop Dogg’s Fancy French Manicure Will Make You Insanely Jealous

He’s collaborated with Miley Cyrus and gone reggae, and now the artist sometimes known as Snoop Lion is adding nail art enthusiast to resume. While you were deciding between whether or not to stick with winter colors or dive into some lime green, Snoop Dogg was getting a manicure (his first to our knowledge) in the comfort of his own home. Hey, Nice Nails! made a house call for the King of the LBC, adorning his digits with appropriate decals (a marijuana leaf, dollar sign). Snoop opted for a duo-chrome French manicure, a modern take on a reliable classic.

No need to rush into anything just yet, Snoop. You’re only just beginning a weekly ritual that will last a lifetime. (But in a month or so we expect you to reveal your stance on Essie vs. OPI and the effectiveness of gel.) Elaborate nail art is yet another way popular musicians are crafting their image. So where do Snoop’s nails rank among this collection of carefully crafted designs? You make the call.


[Photo Credit: @heynicenails]