You Can’t Be Me I’m A Rockstar: 20 Times Pharrell Was Totally OG

  • Ray J Lil’ Kim Brandy and Pharrell

  • Pharrell Kelis Clipse

  • Pharrell and Justin Timberlake

  • Pharrell and Rashida Jones

  • Pharrell and Britney Spears Boys

  • Pharrell and Jade Jagger

  • Karolina Kurkova and Pharrell

  • Pharrell and Snoop Dogg

  • Pharrell and Nelly

  • Pharrell and Kelly Osborne

  • Pharrell skating

  • Pharrell and Jay-Z

  • Madonna and Pharrell

  • Pharrell Grammys

  • Pharrell, Paris and Nikki Hilton and Nicole Richie

  • Pharrell Despicable Me

  • Pharrell and Usher

  • Pharrell, Beyonce and Jay-Z

  • Pharrell Happy Video

  • Pharrell, Nile Rogers, Daft Punk Grammys

If you haven’t accepted that Pharrell is OG yet, it might be time to start. With his Oscar performance set for this weekend’s award show, you’d be remiss to think anything less about the rapper/producer/all ’round chill guy. He’s an ultimate bas ass, and both his production and performance discographies are a testament to his prowess in the music world and ongoing impact on popular culture.

Having worked with everyone from Britney Spears to Hans Zimmer, Pharrell’s friends list reads like a who’s who of contemporary pop iconography. From Jay-Z to Madonna, the list goes on, and just keeps getting longer as year by year Pharrell keeps adding only top quality productions and collaborations to his already tight resume. Can anyone say Daft Punk?

As we gear up to see him lay down some “Happy” at the Oscars this weekend, we’ve complied a list of 20 times Pharrell was totally OG. Realistically, we accept that Pharrell is the coolest ALL THE TIME, so unfortunately we weren’t able to include absolutely every awesome hang out or killer track he’s been responsible for. But we’ve trawled through the archives to find some Pharrell OG moments that you might have missed, forgot about entirely, or might be nostalgic for. Click through to see the best of Pharrell doing Pharrell.