Justin Bieber Turns 20! Here Are 20 Things We Hope He Leaves In His Teenage Years

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Justin Bieber first burst onto our radar in early 2010 as an adorable little boy with a voice like an angel and a haircut like Ellen DeGeneres. And now, just four short years later, he’s hanging with hookers, getting assault charges, drag racing, and even has his own mugshot. *Tear* they grow up so fast! Can you believe that the Biebs turns the big 2-0 today!?

Yes, it’s safe to say that the Maple Jesus has had a fairly tumultuous past year or so. Anyone thrust into the harsh glare of fame at such an early age is bound to have some trouble adjusting, and when you factor in the usual pain of growing up…well, it’s not a huge surprise that homeboy’s been acting out lately. But now he’s entering a new decade, giving him the chance to cast off  bad habits and embrace maturity! As our personal gift to him, we’ve assembled a list of 20 things he should leave in his teenage years, in order to ensure a happy, healthy and productive twenties. Happy bday, JB!

[Photo: Getty Images]