Flipping The Bird: 50 Musicians Who Aren’t Happy To See You

  • Iggy-Pop

  • Kid-Rock

  • Kirk-Hammett

  • Lady-Gaga

  • Motley-Crue

  • Robin-Thicke

  • Madonna

  • Chris-Martin

  • Zakk-Wylde

  • Scott-Weiland

  • Jared-Leto

  • Lemmy-Kilmister

  • Duff-McKagan

  • Kanye-West

  • Rihanna

  • Justin-Bieber

  • Liam-Gallagher

  • Travis-Barker

  • Slash

  • kt_donkvideo

  • Redman

  • Avril-Lavigne

  • Rod-Stewart

  • Ol’-Dirty-Bastard

  • Steve-Klein

  • Keith-Richards

  • Wes-Scantlin

  • Vanilla-Ice

  • MIA

  • Cee-Lo-Green

  • A$AP-Nast

  • Taylor-Momsen

  • Demi-Lovato

  • Marilyn-Manson

  • The-Dream

  • Fergie

  • Pink

  • Grace-Jones

  • Billy-Corgan

  • Pete-Doherty

  • Jeff-Buckley

  • Lil-jon

  • Dave-Navarro

  • Natasha-Bedingfield

  • Rob-Zombie

  • Mike-Dirnt

  • Lily-Allen

  • Travis-McCoy

  • Frank-Zappa

  • Cisco-Adler

The bird, the one finger salute, the finger. It’s called many different things, but we all know what it means…and it ain’t nice. The obscene hand gesture dates back to the ancient Romans, presumably used during times of intense chariot traffic. But it’s persevered through the ages all the way to today. We all use it from time to time, but the finger is especially potent in (and on) the hands of famous musicians. Whether they’re onstage and asserting their badass-itude, or they’re out on the town and want the paparazzi to get lost, rock and rollers are never afraid to flip you off!

They come in all kinds of genres, ages and kinds, from pop queens like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, hip hop heroes Lil Wayne and Kanye West, and metal gods like Duff McKagan, Slash, Kirk Hammett and…pretty much everyone else! They’ve been lucky so far, because no fans have tried to take them up on their not-so-subtle-but-still-non-verbal offer, if you catch our drift…

Head on up to the gallery above for 50 musicians who definitely aren’t happy to see you.

[Photo: Getty Images/Splash News]

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