The Who’s Roger Daltrey Turns 70! Hear His 7 Greatest Screams!

They say March roars in like a lion so it’s only fitting that today, March 1st, happens to be the 70th birthday of the lion-manned singer of one of rock’s greatest bands and possessor of one of music’s greatest roars, Roger Daltrey of The Who.  Whether as a young, hard-nosed mod, the many-curled icon of the Tommy musical or the tight-shirted, muscular arena rocker, the singer is known for belting out some of the most throat-shredding known screams in hard rock history. And while the years of larynx abuse have brought his range down some recently, anyone who’s seen The Who live in the past couple years, knows he’s still a riveting frontman and powerful vocalist.  So in honor of his 7 decades on thie planet, check out 7 of Roger Daltrey’s greatest screams!
1. “Won’t Get Fooled Again” (1971)
Daltrey’s throat-peeling, climactic scream in this well-known anthem is perhaps the greatest scream in all of classic rock and it’s unbridled enthusiasm belies the song’s cynical final though message.
2. “Love Reign O’re Me” (1973)
Another scream for another climaxing album moment, this time from the final track from the band’s 1973 mod-opus, Quadrophenia. Can you say “LOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVE!!!!!!!!!!!!”
3. “Who Are You” (1978)
Another classic closing cut from the album of the same name has Rog asking the immortal question, “AAAHH WHO THE F*** ARE YOU?!?!”
4. “Young Man Blues” (1970)
Young men must have had a lot to scream about in 1970 as this opening track from the band’s Live At Leeds album contains the first of many screams heard throughout the live recording.

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