Pharrell’s Grammy Hat + Other Outrageous Music Memorabilia Sold At Auction

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Pharrell Williams became the talk of the Grammys last month with his, errr, “distinctive” Vivian Westwood “mounties” hat. And now on the biggest night in film, Pharrell made headlines once again by auctioning off the hat on eBay. That’s right: you had the chance to be the owner of this historic/hilarious headgear…provided you were willing to shell out a truly bonkers amount of money.

The fashion statement ended ended up going for $44,100, but at least it was all for a good cause. The proceeds will go to From One Hand to Another, which helps to provide underprivileged children with educational and artistic resources. So congrats to Pharrell for the good deed, the Oscar nomination, the new album (the ten-track G.I.R.L. drops today, btw), the Grammys and…just generally being awesome! And congrats to the anonymous eBay buyer for their new purchase. Ellen DeGeneres was seen passing around a suspiciously similar hat during a bit while hosting the Oscars. Was she the lucky winner?

44k definitely sounds like an awful lot for a hat…even one with a legendary pedigree. But you won’t believe what some fans will pay for a piece touched by their favorite musician! And we totally get it. In fact, we personally own a one-inch square swath of John Lennon’s carpet, which is currently framed above our desk. And we’re proud of it! Kind of…Head up to the gallery above for more outrageous music memorabilia sold at auction! From a half eaten piece of french toast, toe nail clippings, and even a jar of air, prepare to be amazed…

[Photo: Getty Images]

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