Let’s Play Who Has The Most Intense Singing Face Ever During This The Fray Performance

Palladia is airing The Fray’s full Live From The Artists Den concert Wednesday, March 12 at 9/8C. We’ve got a sneak of the VH1 favorites rocking their double-platinum hit “You Found Me” for the packed audience at Angel Orensanz Center in New York City’s Lower East Side. As usual, the foursome brought enough drama and emotion to the mid-tempo ballad to make a G nearly cry real tears (don’t act like you don’t still picture Izzie Stevens in crumpled heap of prom dress and sads whenever you hear “How To Save A Life” – damnit, Shonda Rhimes!). But we also couldn’t help noticing how intense their faces were as Isaac, Joe, Dave and Ben left their hearts on the stage, and that made us smile. So, before checking out the preview above, which is bound to give you the feels, peep these gifs of the guys going H.A.M. and vote for who had the fiercest singing face during the performance.

Isaac Slade

Joe King

Ben Wysocki

Superfan a.k.a. Damian (of Mean Girls because obvious reasons)

The Fray’s (and their fans’s) expressions haven’t lost intensity since their 2011 Artists Den performance. During a recent Big Morning Buzz Live visit, they performed their latest “Love Don’t Die” atop a double decker bus. Something tells me the boys were likely wincing more from the cold than emotion as the boys braved frigid temps to serenade the winter streets of NYC.