Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: Did These Music Legends Get Plastic Surgery? You Be The Judge!

  • kim_2014

It’s safe to say that aging hits some folks harder than others, and people definitely change as they grow older. But sometimes Mother Nature gets a little help! The music industry is filled with those who perpetually try to stay young, and many turn to the surgeon’s knife to help keep that youthful glow. We’re not one to point fingers, but many rock stars look distinctly “different” than they did when they first burst onto the scene years ago. Bad genes or bad docs? That’s for you to decide!

There are standard lip injections like Jessica Simpson, and full-on nose jobs like her sister Ashlee. Cheek implants, boob jobs, and wholesale facial over-haul; it runs the gamut. Then there are folks like Lil’ Kim and Cher look like totally different people! We’re not even going to get into Michael Jackson, so hold your angry comments….

Plastic surgery rumors have run rampant through Hollywood for decades. Who’s actually had work done for real? Head up to the gallery above and judge for yourself!

[Photo: Getty Images]

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