Make Sand Your New Swimsuit: Sexy Ways Pop Stars Turn The Beach Into Their B**tch

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Our favorite pop stars aren’t wearing bikinis to the beach anymore; they’re wearing the beach as a bikini! Sand is the new swimsuit and it’s all thanks to our favorite pop divas like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé. Find out how you can turn sand into a swimsuit, a shirt or into a scintillating way to ensnare a man.

It might sound crazy, but sand can be used in a variety ways to cover up skin while also revealing all.  Why not use the sand as a swimsuit the way Rihanna has? Last summer, Rihanna posted photos of her beach bum covered in sand to the point that she may as well have been wearing pants! Or why not use the sand as sunscreen? Beyoncé makes a point of slathering her skin in sand instead of SPF and her skin looks #flawless.

But why stop at using sand as swimwear? Nicole Scherzinger has posed on the beach as though the sandy dunes were her very own chaise lounge. Jennifer Lopez has used sand as a cushion so she can lean on a handsome man’s chest. Katy Perry killed a guy in her “Dark Horse” music video by turning him into sand!

Okay, maybe don’t turn a guy into sand…but as a swimsuit? Yes, please.