Let’s Rock Out With Our Kid Rock Out During This Artists Den Performance

Palladia is airing Kid Rock’s full Live From The Artists Den concert Wednesday, March 19 at 9/8C. We’ve got a sneak of this rockstar working the stage with his hit “All Summer Long” and it’s bound to get you out of this end-of-winter slump! Kid Rock wows the crowd for so many reasons – partially because of his luscious golden locks, his iconic shades, and maybe even because of the fact that he’s a five time Grammy Award nominee (yeah, you can brush the dirt off your shoulder now, Kid).

To make matters even cooler, this performance is at Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee  – home of the King. The audience seems pretty excited about it, because they are just erupting with excitement. SO be sure to tune in  for this rock-country-blues-y extravaganza. You won’t want to miss it. Thank you, thank you very much.

In the meantime, here are a few reason why we want to listen to Kid Rock  immediately… but also all summer long.

He’s a BAMF on stage and spreads his arms like he’s lighting up the sky!

He cruises through the water like it’s a PIECE OF CAKE.

He can get girls to dance like this.

And best of all…. like THIS.

Okay. We’re dizzy now. Laterzzzz.