A Complete Guide To Miley Cyrus’ Onstage PDAs

The always-provocative Miley Cyrus has taken outrageousness to new heights since kicking off her Bangerz tour last month. From flying hot dogs to massive tongues, the 21-year old seems to be having a blast on the stage.  And like a true performer, she hasn’t been afraid to share her love with the world…literally! Miley likes to get all up on everybody during performances, from famous faces like Katy Perry, to fans, friends, and even Santa Claus! Read on for a complete guide to Miley’s onstage PDAs.

Robin Thicke And The Twerk Heard ’Round The World

Miley had been “affectionate” on stage long before her performance with Robin Thicke at the 2013 VMAs in August, but this set quickly evolved into instant legend. It was truly the moment that twerking went global and (for better or worse), we have Ms. Cyrus to thank for it. No offence, Big Freedia.


Miley Gets On Santa’s Naughty List

Miley gave LA a very special holiday surprise during the 2013 Jingle Ball when she took to the stage in a red glitter two-piece leotard to sing “#Getitright” and to twerk up on (a perv’d out) Santa Claus and a couple of his reindeers. Ho ho ho! She followed it up a week later at the Miami Jingle Ball by twerking on one of his “elves”. Judging from the look on her face, she doesn’t seem as into it…


Madonna and Miley Team Up For Unplugged

The result was pretty much as sensual as you’d expect from these two envelope-pushers. From the grinding, belt grabbing, and spanking, their “Don’t Tell Me/We Can’t Stop” medley went a long way in heating up the frigid temps this January.

Party In The USA

[Photo: Splash News]

Miley makes sure to show off her patriotic side during the big  “Party In The USA” finale of her Bangerz show. Bill Clinton gets some extra special attention, but she doesn’t forget to cozy up to the Liberty Bell and Mount Rushmore. USA! USA!! USA!!!


She Kisses Katy Perry (And She Likes It!)

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