After Sexy Late-Night Dates Across Europe, Are Drake And Rihanna Finally Making Their Relationship Official?

As winter begins to thaw, it’s time to get excited about the next big couple of 2014. Drake and Rihanna have each hinted at hooking up before, but now it appears they’re hanging out on a more consistent basis. Finally! Could we be witnessing the creation of BeyJey 2.0?

After a public scuffle with Chris Brown and entourage that was believed to be over Princess RiRi, Drake has kept his romances away from the media. He’s been linked to Zoe Kravitz and collaborator Jhené Aiko, but told Ellen DeGeneres he was a single man back in September. (And people always tell Ellen the truth.) Then came the public outings in which the old friends were seen hanging together at clubs. In recent weeks, they’ve been meeting up all over Europe, as Drizzy is on the road for his current tour and RiRi is conveniently adjusting her travel calendar accordingly. This is exactly what we hoped for Rihanna in her 26th year, and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t excited it might be coming true. She’s the type of woman who fits his requirements, so he should go ahead and order that chicken for their next late night rendezvous. Real women like food — just a tip, Aubrey.

If this world is fair and just Beyoncé and Jay Z will continue to be flawless well into their 90s, but it’s important we start grooming an heir to the Hottest Hip-Hop Couple throne as soon as possible. Review Drake and Rihanna’s string of meet-ups and decide for yourself if these two should stop making a big deal out of the little things and just date already. Officially. It’s either that or launching a co-headlining tour in 2015. We deserve something.

November 14: Met up at V Live Gentlemen’s Club in Houston after Drake’s show and reportedly dropped $17,000 on drinks and dances.

Is this a date? It’s casual.

February 24: Drake brought out RiRi during his Paris Would You Like a Tour? stop to perform their duet “Take Care” as well as her own “Pour It Up”
…and they had an adorable dance-off, which can brighten even the darkest of days:
Is this a date? Maybe! They make each other smile and they don’t care who knows it.

March 5-6: RiRi was spotted in the audience at Drake’s show, and the two were seen dining at Izakaya in Amsterdam later that night.

Is this a date?: She’s obviously not tired of seeing him perform…

March 8: Drake performed Rihanna’s “Stay” during his live show, giving Vin Diesel a run for his money.

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