Shillin’ Out: 15 Huge Musicians We Can’t Believe Sang Commercial Jingles

Companies are always approaching rock stars to lend street cred and coolness to their products. It’s an uneasy alliance, but it does mean serious exposure…and a serious paycheck. Hey, those private jets aren’t going to pay for themselves! Sometimes it’s a passive partnership, with the musicians handing over their classic songs for use in television commercials. But other times the star plays a more active role -singing a jingle, or even penning a whole new song!

Recently, Frank Ocean very nearly became the spokes-singer for Chipotle, but pulled out of the deal before he recorded the tune. Honestly, we had kind of a hard time imagining the rapper shilling for a burrito chain (although we love the guac, don’t get us wrong). Although we guess it wouldn’t have been any weirder than these 15 OTHER megastars who turned jingle-singers…

15. Jack White For Coca-Cola (2006)

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