10 Roles That Made Us Take These 10 Rappers Seriously As Actors

  • eminem

  • icecube

  • llcool

  • latifah

  • tupac

  • mark

  • mosdef

  • willsmith

  • andre3000

  • icet

Remember when rappers only used to rap? Don’t worry if you can’t. MCs have been making forays into film for decades now and, these days, it’s completely common to see them showing off their acting chops on the silver screen. Take Need For Speed for example. The high-octane car flick makes its debut in theaters today, and it’s starring none other than Scott Mescudi, better known as Kid Cudi. Cudder’s had huge looks on television in series like How To Make It In America and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but now he’s moving into the big leagues. With a role in the much anticipated Entourage movie next year, it certainly appears as if his career as a thespian is taking off, but he still has a lot to prove. Plenty of rappers before him have been in the same position, and a good number of them made it work, transitioning to movies to smoothly that we almost forgot they used to make music. Almost. For a closer look at who we’re talking about, read on for our breakdown of theĀ 10 Roles That Made Us Take These 10 Rappers Seriously As Actors.