Don’t Over-Think It! Here Are 20 Monster Hit Songs That Were Written In Just Minutes

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Everyone has that masterpiece they’ve been slaving away on for years. It’s your baby, your passion, your tour de force, and you won’t let ANYONE see it until you get it totally perfect! Well, be prepared to get super bummed out, because some of the biggest hits in music were written in less time than the average coffee break!

It’s really true that the best ideas often are the simplest. Some great songs were written off-the-cuff as favors, jokes and afterthoughts, while others were penned around riffs that just happened to fall out of a guitar during a jam session. In any event, the legacy of these tunes have continued to live on for decades! Talk about working smarter and not harder. So let this be a lesson to all of you songwriters out there: Don’t over-think it. Just look at these beloved classics that were tossed off in minutes!

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