New York’s Hardest: Who Are The Big Apple’s 20 Greatest Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Bands?

  • nuclearassault-gameover

  • Sir-Lord-Baltimore

  • Life-of-Agony

  • dusthard-attack

  • Prong

  • RIOT_Fire-Down-Under

  • Biohazard

  • Helmet

  • Manowar

  • New-York-Dolls

  • Living-Colour

  • White-Zombie

  • Type-O’-Negative

  • Dream-Theater

  • Blue-Oyster-Cult

  • Mountain

  • Twisted-Sister2

  • Anthrax

  • Ramones

  • KISS

New York is the city that never sleeps. That’s in part due to the fact that many legendary hard rock and metal bands got their starts here, banging out monster riffs in their apartments and basements to the complete dismay of their families and neighbors. Throughout history, New York’s residents have been stereotyped (some would say unfairly) as loud, fast-paced, edgy, aggressive and obnoxious. Sound familiar? Yup, sounds like the perfect breeding ground for hard rock and heavy metal music. Across the 5 boroughs and into Long Island, we’ve seen many bands go from humble beginnings to become some of the most massive and iconic bands the genre has ever seen. From Kiss to Anthrax to Dream Theater and The New York Dolls, they’ve each made their mark and made their hometowns proud. So to celebrate this week’s That Metal Show guest, Twisted Sister’s own Dee Snider, here’s a list of New York’s 20 greatest hard rock and heavy metal bands. Just a few more reasons to “Heart NY” to death.

See Dee Snider and the That Metal Show boys talk about their favorite New York area hard rock and heavy metal bands.