First Dibs: How’s Madonna Showing Love To Her Favorite TV Show?

Britney Spears has a health scare, Damon Dash hits out at a newspaper, and Lil Wayne rocks MTV’s Woodie Awards.

  • You probably think you’re the biggest Game Of Thrones fan, but Madonna has you beat. Madge posted a pic on Instagram of herself as Daenerys Targaryen, the show’s dragon-loving heroine. Wow, it sounds like she really can’t wait for the new season to start! [The Hollywood Gossip]
  • During Elton John’s Oscar party, it sounds like Britney Spears had a panic attack. The size of the celebration seemed to make her uncomfortable, and she reportedly began sweating and having breathing problems. We hope she was able to recover from an awful episode. [Perez Hilton]
  • Hip-hop mogul Damon Dash lashed out at a New York Daily News reporter and called the publication “racist.” Dame accused the paper of portraying himself and other African-American men in a bad light, while failing to report on positive contributions. Tell ’em why you’re mad, Dame! [AllHipHop]
  • Lil Wayne brought crazy energy to MTV’s Woodie Awards, opening his set with his 2008 hit, “A Milli.” Watch the crowd go wild as Weezy takes the stage. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]