How Does Miley Cyrus’ New Lip Tattoo Measure Up To These Other Celebs With Insane Ink?

We’ve had Miley Cyrus on the brain lately, and we’re pretty sure that’s been her plan all along. The 21-year-old singer has shocked and delighted (usually both) fans with her envelope-pushing racy style and outrageous onstage antics during her Bangerz concert tour. We were going to try to give Ms. Cyrus a rest for a while, but we couldn’t ignore the bold new body art she showed off this weekend on Instagram. Damn it, Miley…we just can’t quit you!

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It seems like she’s taking a page from the Ke$ha playbook by opting for a super painful-seeming lip tattoo. The location may be the same, but Miley definitely took it to another level by choosing the image of a sad cat text emoji. Is it for an extra bonus when she’s pouting? We have no idea. She’s definitely made some, err, puzzling tat choices in the past (remember her Teddy Roosevelt tribute?) so we guess she’s just being Miley.

How does it stack up with some of the other insane ink that musicians have been getting lately? Head up to the gallery above and judge for yourself!

[Photo: Instagram]

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