First Dibs: How Long Will Chris Brown Be In Jail?

Find out how to act like you were cool enough to chill at SXSW, Courtney Love becomes a detective in the worst way imaginable, and Lil Wayne is trying to watch his words.

  • After being booted from rehab, it looks like Chris Brown will be spending more than a month in jail. A judge ordered the R&B star to stay locked up until an April 23 hearing, so we probably won’t be hearing much from Breezy in the immediate future. [BBC]
  • Want to be able to tell your friends you rocked out at SXSW — even though you weren’t there? Watch the clip below and absorb all the knowledge need to impress your inner circle.
  • Courtney Love claims she’s found Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, posting a dubious photo online pointing to a potential oil slick and some plane wreckage. With relatives of passengers still holding out hope for their loved ones, it’s not really the best thing for Courtney to act like she knows how to investigate these things. Just stick to giving us good music! [E!]
  • With Lil Wayne ready to drop Tha Carter V this year, the rapper admits he’s trying to censor himself a little bit. Don’t worry — he still plans to bring the heat. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Splash News]