These 10 Hilarious Music Memes Will Totally Help You Make It To The Weekend

  • house of drake

  • magical-rappers

  • classical music

  • beyonce-hulk

  • Lego Bands

  • respectful rappers

  • yas gaga

  • metal albums with googly eyes

  • Dirty Taylor Swift

  • Kanye Gate

Sick and tired of the work week? We don’t blame you one bit. Luckily there are enough hilarious musically themed memes and tumblrs online to help us all get past the Thursday doldrums and onwards to the weekend…

We’ve already told you about the glory that is Heavy Metal Albums with Googly Eyes, but have you wasted time on House Of Drake yet? It’s a tumblr that perfectly matches Drake’s best lyrics with scenes from House of Cards. Or what about Magical Rappers? A blog that calls hip hop’s finest out on looking like self-important illusionists.

The internet is more than just tumblr, though. Last year, Beyoncé was somehow caught in an unflattering angle in a photograph. Soon, the internet was full of clever photo manipulations that took advantage of this photo–which Bey’s publicist demand be removed from existence.

Okay, fine, so technically speaking, Dirty Taylor Swift is not a meme, but it’s an amazing tumblr run by a fan who is convinced that everything the squeaky clean pop star does is secretly smutty. It’s our latest favorite internet k-hole and we think it will be yours, too.

So, chin up! Friday’s almost here and we swear it will come faster if you check out any of these tumblrs and memes.

[Photo Credit: Imgur User mcdracula2000 & Metal Albums With Googly Eyes]