First Dibs: Does Daft Punk Sound Even Better When They’re Rehearsing?

Chris Brown might be buying his way out of jail, fans could soon be able to visit a museum dedicated to Kurt Cobain, and we wonder if Ed Sheeran is trying to tell us something.

  • A new Grammys rehearsal clip has made it to the interwebs, featuring Daft Punk and their star-heavy medley performance. Uh, is it wrong to think it’s more amazing than their actual live performance? [Consequence Of Sound]
  • Is Chris Brown about to go free? If he is, he’ll certainly have to pay up first. The singer is reportedly planning to throw some serious dough at his mounting legal troubles to make them disappear and simply reinstate his probation. [The Hollywood Gossip]
  • If you want Kurt Cobain’s childhood home to become a museum, prepare to cough up some cash. A crowdfunding campaign is aimed at buying the late Nirvana frontman’s house in Aberdeen, Washington, after it went on the market last year. [Rolling Stone]
  • Why is Ed Sheeran randomly posting dates to his Twitter feed? Should we be marking our calendars for his next album? [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Splash News]