Kick Out The Jams: 20 Classic Live Albums In Hard Rock And Heavy Metal History!

  • Black-Sabbath-Live-At-Last

    [Photo: NEMS Records]

  • Aerosmith

    [Photo: Columbia Records]

  • Ted-Nugent

    [Photo: Epic Records]

  • Led-Zeppelin—-DOUBLE-CD-420093

    [Photo: Atlantic Records]

  • Blue-Oyster-Cult

    [Photo: Columbia Records]

  • Rainbow-On-Stage

    [Photo: Polydor Records]

  • Grand-Funk

    [Photo: Capitol Records]

  • Iron-Maiden-Live-After-Death

    [Photo: EMI Records]

  • Scorpions-Tokyo-Tapes

    [Photo: RCA Records]

  • Rush-All-The-World’s-A-Stage

    [Photo: Mercury Records]

  • AC_DC

    [Photo: Atlantic Records]

  • MC5-Kick-Out-The-Jams

    [Photo: Elektra Records]

  • UFO-Strangers-In-The-Night

    [Photo: Chrysalis Records]

  • Humble-Pie-Performance-Rockin’-The-Fillmore

    [Photo: A&M Records]

  • Cheap-Trick-Live-At-Budokan

    [Photo: Epic Records]

  • Thin-Lizzy-Live-And-Dangerous

    [Photo: Mercury Records]

  • Motorhead-No-Sleep-’Til-Hammersmith

    [Photo: Castle Records]

  • Deep-Purple

    [Photo: Warner Bros. Records]

  • Judas-Priest-Unleashed-In-The-East

    [Photo: Columbia Records]

  • Kiss-Alive

    [Photo: Mercury Records]

The live album. Though its popularity has severely waned as of late (along with albums in general!), it was a staple of hard rock and heavy metal bands back in the 70s and early 80s. In fact, a band’s live record would sometimes outsell its studio counterparts and in some ways come to define the band, displaying their raw, reckless energy and showing just what they’re capable of in the flesh. At times it became a band’s breakthrough album; at other times (if you’re Led Zeppelin) it capitalized on the band’s popularity. But either way, these LP’s go down in the annals of music history as some of the greatest rock albums of all time. From Kiss to Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest to Black Sabbath, all your favorite bands released live albums, and we love them for it. So to celebrate this week’s That Metal Show guest, former Kiss drummer Peter Criss, who played on their breakthrough Alive! double LP set, here’s a list of 20 Classic Live Albums In Hard Rock & Heavy Metal History. And whether they’re 100% live, live with overdubs, or mostly studio-enhanced, we don’t really care. What’s important is that they all kick some serious ass and kick out some serious jams.

See Peter Criss, Richard Christy and the hosts of That Metal show rank their favorite live albums.