“F*ck You” And Then Some: The Meanest Break Up Songs

  • lily allen

  • carrie underwood

  • Cee Lo Green

  • eamon

  • rihanna

  • nancy sinatra

  • adele

  • katy perry

  • kelly clarkson

  • fiona apple

  • kanye west

  • carly simon

  • kate nash

  • alanis morissette

  • beyonce

  • ani difranco

  • fleetwood mac

  • taylor swift

  • eminem

  • lily allen

Sure, we all want to believe that true love will last forever, but we’ve all had at least one painful break up that proves it doesn’t. So, how do you mend a broken heart? Well, if you’re a famous musician, you blast your ex with a truly horrible, very public and extremely mean break up song.

Lily Allen, whose new album Sheezus is coming out May 6, is a modern master at writing a mean break up song, but does she regret telling an ex that “he’s not big in the game?”

“No, I don’t ever think I went too far,” she told VH1 News. “If you break up with me, make me feel bad, I’ve got every right.”


So, what makes a truly great, truly mean break up song? The music has to be boiling with rage like in Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep.” The lyrics have to include curse words (and in the case of Katy Perry’s “Ur So Gay,” politically incorrect insults) and threats of violence like in Eminem’s “Kim.” You need to make it clear that you are better off without your ex like Rihanna does in “Take A Bow.” Oh, and if you can air your ex’s dirtiest laundry out in public, you’ve hit the mean break up song jackpot because the meanest thing a person can do is point out how mean someone else is.