Milk Was A Bad Choice: 15 Artists Who Lost Their Lunch Onstage

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Jumping around onstage can really do a number on your stomach, and it definitely doesn’t take much to push it past the point of no return. Whether it’s a hangover, dehydration, food poisoning, or just good old fashioned stage fright, sometimes musicians have to just…let it go. All over the stage. And the front row, if they’re not lucky. But -much like their lunch- you just can’t keep these pros down. The show must go on!

Lady Gaga made headlines recently by bucking the trend (the way she always does) by having someone else throw up on HER. Or at least pretend to, which is still pretty gross. But a huge number of artists have fallen victim to the real thing, including Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and even Mother Monster herself! Head up to the gallery above for more stars who found out the hard way that milk was probably a bad choice

[Photo: Getty Images]

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