Last Lap: Which `90s Rocker Is Headed For A Reality Show About Wrestling?

Is Wyclef Jean broke? Erica Campbell brings some gospel flavor Big Morning Buzz Live, and Chris Martin feels right at home on The Voice.

  • Billy Corgan may still be going strong in the music world, but it looks like he’s also making moves toward reality TV. The Smashing Pumpkins frontman is reportedly set for a reality series about his wrestling league, which will air on AMC. [Spin]
  • Erica Campbell performed her song, “Help,” on Big Morning Buzz Live, but with her amazing vocals, it seems like she’s doing good all by herself! Watch the inspiring clip below.
  • Wyclef Jean is seriously strapped for cash, according to his accountant. The rapper-producer had repeatedly been asked to make good on a bill from a law firm, when his accountant tersely responded that “there ain’t no money.” [AllHipHop]
  • Chris Martin may be having some marital woes right now, but he’s obviously made himself comfortable on The Voice. A new preview clip shows the Coldplay singer giving some tips to some talented hopefuls — he looks quite natural doing it! [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]