From Sex to Taylor Swift: 5 Things To Know About The 1975

Would you turn down a spot opening for Taylor Swift or Rihanna? Well, that’s exactly what The 1975 did! The 1975 are a Manchester, UK band that are skyrocketing up the charts back on their home turf. They’re set to headline the Bushmills Live 2014 music festival in Ireland this summer and are now prepping to hit the US with full force. With four EPs and a full-length album of upbeat pop-rock songs under their belt, it’s about time America got to know the boys of ’75. We sat down with George Daniel and Matt Healy at SXSW in Austin, TX and discussed everything from sex to karate.

Let’s talk about sex, baby! Much like Salt’n’Pepa, these two aren’t afraid to get down and dirty, which proved to be true when we asked the boys which of the following they’d pick: sex, girls or chocolate; each of which happen to be a title of The 1975 songs. George and Matt tried to weigh their options but both came to the same conclusion: seems like the boys have sex on their minds.

But boys shared a bit of regret when reminiscing about the tours they’ve had to turn down. “Taylor Swift offered us to go on tour, that was cool. It’s like, ’We can’t, but that is really nice, thank you very much,'” Matt Healy tells us. He also mentioned that they were offered a spot on a Rihanna tour, but turned that down as well! However, they doubt that the Barbadian beauty herself was the one who made the call. “She doesn’t know who we are though, she didn’t offer us that tour.” Oh boys, we’re sure Rihanna knows and loves you guys!

While at SXSW we also talked to The 1975 about how beloved teen comedy director John Hughes hugely influenced their album. Hear what they had to say!