Misunderstood Song Lyrics That Are Way Weirder Than You First Thought They Were

  • Semi Charmed Life Third Eye Blind

  • Bruce Springsteen Blinded By The Light

  • The Presidents of the United States of America Peaches

  • OPP Naughty By Nature

  • Frankie Goes To Hollywood Relax

  • Warrant Cherry Pie

  • Beatles Ticket To Ride

  • Prince Little Red Corvette

  • Grease Lightning

  • Aerosmith Big Ten Inch Record

  • The Knack My Sharona

  • Bryan Adams Summer Of 69

  • Inner Circle Sweat

  • Britney Spears If U Seek Amy

  • Sixpence Nonethericher There She Goes

  • Little Richard Tutti Frutti

  • The Police Every Breath You Take

  • Fergie London Bridge

  • Beyonce Partition

  • Next Too Close

Music can be a wonderfully cryptic outlet for artists to embed with all manner of hidden messages. Because when we’re busy bopping along to a beat, shredding up a dance floor or singing along at the top of our lungs while cruising with the top down, it’s unlikely that we’re going to take the time to actually analyze the lyrical content of the songs we’re belting. Oftentimes, we’re so rapt with the joy of music we don’t even notice the lyrics at all.

Or maybe when we loved certain songs we were too young to realize their true meaning, and now that we’re older we’ve chosen willful blindness to preserve our favorites. For whatever reason, many songs get away with some pretty scandalous references masked by catchy pop riffs. From sexual references to drugs to other various… questionable… goings on, you might be surprised to find that some of your favorite songs aren’t what you first thought they were.

From Beyoncé to “Greased Lightning,” prepare to have your mind blow by the hidden meaning in these songs…