Busted Rhymes: The 20 Worst Verses In Hip Hop History

  • Lil Wayne

  • KRS One

  • Master P

  • Snoop Dogg

  • 2-Chainz

  • Jay Z

  • J-Kwon

  • Lil Troy

  • Timbaland

  • Common

  • Kanye West

  • Jay Z

  • snap-rhythmisadancer1

  • Jadakiss

  • Diddy

  • Young Jeezy


  • Lil Wayne

  • Chingy

  • LFO

We admit -songwriting is pretty hard, and sometimes the most part can be penning the lyrics. Sure, you can bust out a rhyming dictionary to come up with some words that scan. But having those words make sense? Ehhh, that doesn’t always come as easy. Rappers are notorious for free-styling lots of lyrical lines off the top of their head, and sometimes it can get pretty ugly…

From Jay Z to Kanye WestDiddy and 2 Chainz, even the biggest names in the game (including The Game) have been guilty of a whack verse every now and then! And don’t even get us started on Lil’ Wayne….we blame the sizzurp. Head up to the gallery above for 20 of the most awesomely bad lines in hip hop history. Prepare yourself for the poet laureates of busted rhymes! And we love every minute of it.

[Photo: Getty Images/Def Jam Records]