The Complete History of Drihanna

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  • Drake and Rihanna

    [Photo Credit: Getty Images]

After years of flirting, flings, and frustration, it looks like Drake and Rihanna are finally, officially in a real relationship together. They spent the better part of last month jetsetting around Europe together while Drizzy wrapped up the overseas leg of his Would You Like A Tour? run. We wouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions if they weren’t joined at the hip and spotted holding hands and doing everything else that couples do.

Of course, this begs the question, “Will it last?” With their on-again, off-again past, chances seem slim, but maybe this time they have it all figured out. Check out The Complete History of Drihanna in our gallery above and draw a conclusion for yourself, then watch our video breaking down the superstar pair’s ever-changing status in the video below.

Drake and Rihanna: The Ups and Downs