Drawn That Way: The Sexiest Cartoon Frontwomen Of All Time

  • The-Archies

  • Josie-and-the-Pussycats

  • The-Bedrock-Rockers

  • jabberjaw2

  • chipettes_at_pisa

  • Jem-and-the-Holograms

  • The-Misfits

  • stingers

  • barbie-and-the-rockers-line

  • Jessica-Rabbit

Cartoons are generally viewed as kids stuff, but there are a few that caught our eyes (and ears) as adults! A number of fictitious animated bands have had real-life chart success thanks to catchy hooks -and killer curves. Don’t hate ’em, baby, ’cuz they were drawn that way!

These cartoon frontwomen rocked their way into our hearts with streaks of pink hair, purrrfect kitten costumes, and skin-tight gowns. As kids we didn’t really notice, but now we’ve come to the conclusion that these drawings are ludicrously hot. If only they were real…(frowny face).

Now we’re about to journey deep into the recesses of your mind, back to the days when you’d wake up in footie pajamas, pour yourself a bowl of your favorite sugary cereal, and settle back for some Saturday morning cartoons. Except now you’re all grown up and prepared to bask in the pen-and-ink generated hotness! Enjoy the trip down memory lane as you flip through this gallery of the sexiest cartoon front woman.