Wanna Be Startin’ Something: 7 Music Stars Who Should Stop Trying To Be Michael Jackson

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Today marks 25 years ago since the Michael Jackson was officially crowned “The King of Pop” at the the 1989 Soul Train Awards. Amazingly, it was silver screen legend Elizabeth Taylor who first uttered the immortal title (technically it was “King of Pop, Rock and Soul”) that followed him for the rest of his life -and beyond.

Since his tragic death in 2009, there have been many pretenders to the King’s throne. Obviously EVERYONE is influenced by the great MJ, but there are a few folks in the music biz who seem to follow his path a little too closely. No one will ever be able to come close to the music and magic of Michael! Head up to the gallery above for seven of the most blatant offenders. We love you guys, but just be yourself, huh? Except you, Breezy. Maybe a personality overhaul would help you a bit.

[Photo: Getty Images]