Pet Sounds: 12 Songs Where Animals Take A Verse

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When you listen to music you expect to hear guitars, drums, and maybe even a piano. But who would expect to hear the snort of a pig or the bark of a dog!?

You thought you heard the last of the barnyard animals back in nursery school, but these 12 artists decided that you needed to go hear ’em all over again. But, WAIT! Why should we just give it to the barnyard? LET’S BRING IN THE WHOLE FREAKIN’ JUNGLE!

From the “bah” of lambs in “Mary Had A Little Lamb” to the ’roar’ of tigers in “Harlem Shake,” the spectrum of animals that can be heard in these songs is wide. But don’t fret, your favorite barnyard animals still make an appearance…they just brought a long a few extra friends with them. So grab your pet or your favorite stuffed animal, sit back and check out which rockers chose to bring on some animal help to accompany them in their musical adventure!