The 25 Most Controversial Magazine Covers In Music History

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Picture this: You walk into your local newsstand to pick up your favorite magazine and BAM! You spot a cover that stops you in your tracks. Your jaw drops, your eyes twitch, and you think, “Can I really be seeing what I think I’m seeing?” Of course you can! Rock and roll rebellion can’t be tamed by mag editors!

Many cover images have stirred up controversy over the years. From blatant nudity to secrets revealed, and even disturbing graphics, these pics shocked many for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes the censorship itself BECOMES the news story.  Whatever the case, they will definitely not be forgotten anytime soon! But hey, there’s no such thing as bad press, right?

Head up to the gallery above for twenty five of the most controversial magazine covers in the music biz, featuring boundary-pushers like Lady Gaga, Janet Jackson, Rihanna and more. You won’t believe what some magazines decided to put on the covers! Or you won’t believe what offends some people…

We hope you enjoy, and remember -controversy begets conversation!

[Photo: Getty Images]