CHVRCHES Takes Their BBC’s Sound Of 2013 Honor In Stride

Scottish synth pop band CHVRCHES might be VH1’s You Oughta Know Artist for the month of April, but they made the BBC’s Sound of 2013 short list last year. The annual poll is seen by industry insiders as an indication of which artists are going to be big in the future. We got to ask CHVRCHES what it was like making the list and what advice they have for current winner Sam Smith.

CHVRCHES looks at the BBC Sound poll as a positive boon to their careers. Iain Cook explained, “It helped really put us on the map internationally because it feels like a lot of people across the world look to that Sound poll for emerging artists that year.”

Martin Doherty, though, had some words of wisdom to this year’s winners. “My advice to anyone that’s on it is that getting on a list like that represents the start of the work and not the end of it.”

“I think that if you determine the value of your band by lists and prizes and accolades…I think you’ll be disappointed in the long run if you’re just kind of like placing your hopes on those plaudits,” cautioned Lauren Mayberry.

CHVRCHES might have also quipped that being named the Sound of 2013 doesn’t mean you’re the Sound of 2014, but we think it’s safe to say that CHVRCHES’ music is very much of the now.

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