Five Awesome Avril Lavigne Moments That Make Us Forget “Hello Kitty”

  • ’My Happy Ending’

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Avril Lavigne’s widely-panned video for her song, “Hello Kitty,” is still drawing rage from the farthest reaches of the interwebs. The clip, a poorly conceived send-up of Japanese culture, has been deemed racist by many onlookers. But since we love Avril so much, we’re taking the chance to look back on the times she made us smile — instead of making us cringe.

Remember her girl-power anthems, amazing style, and just overall fierceness? Hop into our gallery to remind yourself why you became a fan of Avril in the first place, all while shielding yourself from the onslaught of her new clip. And check out our Spotify playlist to keep some of Avril’s most memorable tunes going all day long!

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