Backstage Secrets: 20 Artists And The Outrageous Things They NEED In Their Dressing Rooms

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  • Rihanna

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  • Beyonce

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  • Britney-Spears

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  • Busta-Rhymes

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  • Lady-Gaga

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We all know there are some divas in the music industry. Requesting the most ridiculous things backstage just seems to come with the territory of stardom. The most classic and oldest example of course being Van Halen’s request for all the brown M&Ms to be removed from their candy bowl. But they are far from the last band to outrageous demands for their dressing room!

Lady Gaga has requested a certain “companion” to keep her company in her dressing room, and Busta Rhymes apparently makes sure he has all the right stuff for a good time.¬†With all the performing they do, musicians have earned a little pampering, but some of their demands thrust them into pure diva-status. Room temperature water is fine, but requesting all new toilet seats or even a second room just for your hair seems a little excessive. Check out the gallery to see our picks for the Top 20 Most Outrageous Backstage Demands.

[Photo: Getty Images]