Last Lap: What Does Coldplay’s New Song Sound Like?

Singer-songwriter Brett Dennen talks about his path to the music world, Chris Brown’s trial is pushed back, and Rita Ora takes offense on behalf of Beyonce.

  • Coldplay is steadily building the hype for their next album, and they just debuted a new song while performing for BBC Radio 1. The band premiered “Oceans,” which pretty much sounds like a beautifully melancholic submarine ride. [Idolator]
  • Brett Dennen gave up his backpacking lifestyle to begin his music career. Find out what he told Big Morning Buzz Live about his transition.
  • Chris Brown might not be tried for an alleged assault anytime soon. The singer’s trial for his Washington, D.C., case has been pushed back, with no new date having been confirmed. Federal authorities will be taking Breezy back to California as he awaits word on a new court appearance. [Billboard]
  • Rita Ora definitely isn’t having an affair with Jay Z. In fact, she thinks it would be downright insulting to herself, Jay, and especially, Beyonce. [MTV News]